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Brand: Julia Travel Model: m1egmadridHopon-off

Group Excursion: Tourist bus "Hop on-off"

With one ticket, you will be able to hop on and off the bus all day

From:   21.00€
Brand: Julia Travel Model: m1eppaseoartejuliatravel

Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Centro Nacional Reina Sofía Museum.

From:   0.00€
Brand: Julia Travel Model: m1epreinasofiajuliatravel
From:   24.00€
Model: M1epPanoramicVintage
From:   24.00€
Brand: Julia Travel Model: m1eparanpalaciosjuliatravel
From:   84.00€
Model: m1gtprado

Private excursion: Official Tourism Guide + Tickets

One of the Worldwide biggest museums which houses European paintings of the XII to the Ages XIX. Your private guide will show you the most important paintings of the permanent exhibition.

From:   284.00€
Brand: Julia Travel Model: m1eppalaciopradojuliatravel
From:   77.00€
Brand: Julia Travel Model: m1epthyssenjuliatravel

Enjoy preferential access and get to know some of the most important works of painters such as Degas, Cézanne, Renoir and Van Gogh. Discover the stories behind the paintings and the life and work of the artists.

From:   29.00€
Model: m1epwtvpt
From:   25.00€
Brand: VPT Model: m1epwt+palacioVPT

Walk with us through the Madrid old town, accompanied by our guide  passing through the Royal Palace of Madrid.

From:   45.00€
Brand: VPT Model: m1epwatpradoVPT

Disfruta de un amplio recorrido a pie por el casco antiguo de la ciudad junto con la entrada para el Museo del Prado,

From:   25.00€
Brand: VPT Model: m1epwttapasVPT

Disfruta de un amplio recorrido a pie por el casco antiguo de la ciudad.

From:   55.00€
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